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  2. Daniel Sanford Says:

    I am glad that you survived the second Yank invasion. I am also an American whose ancestor comes from your part of Suffolk. John Sanford, c1608-1653 was an employee/apprentice of John Winthrop of Groton. He left Groton in 1631 with John Winthrop Jr. to go to Boston in New England. I am trying to learn more about the Sandfords of Little and Gt Waldingfield. Using the Internet I can only locate the Sandfords of the 1700s-1900s. Although I have located the Will of William Sanford, Clerk of Little Waldingfield (1683?). I cannot seem to find a copy of the early church registers for that period of time.
    I really like to read your blogs and updates on your oral history project. Could you tell me how I can get money to you to pay for a membership in your exciting society?
    Dan Sanford

    • Dear Dan,

      My fellow trustees and I are delighted that you enjoy the blogs and that you have taken the time to contact us; we are also very happy to assist with your own researches in any way we can.

      As you will not be able to attend our talks, and so will be unable to enjoy most of the benefits of LWHS membership, we will not take your money, but would like to make you an honorary member. In this regard, rather than communicate via the blog, please email me with your name, address and other contact details and then we can take things further; my email address is as follows: sheppard-andy@sky.com

      Finally, if you and your fellow historians would care to follow the blog, this will assist us in demonstrating to HLF (the UK Heritage Lottery Fund) that we are serious in our endeavours to spread the local history word.

      Best regards ……. Andy Sheppard

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