The Tudor Housing Revolution by John Walker

Just a week to go to our next event, at the Parish Room on Wednesday 13th November at 7.30 pm, when John Walker, a former Chairman of Essex Historic Buildings Group and one of Suffolk’s leading architectural historians, will talk to us on “The Tudor Housing Revolution”. This was one of the topics members expressed an interest in last year, and we have finally managed to pin John down!
John’s presentation will show how buildings evolved during this period and what they would have looked like in their original form. Wood was expensive back then, so as little as possible was used, giving rise to half timbered houses with wattle & daub between the timbers. Fireplaces and chimneys also rapidly evolved, leading to upper floors, whilst larger windows with small panes became popular with the rich, giving rise to the many lovely houses seen in Lavenham and elsewhere today.
You will also learn that many Victorian brick built houses are actually medieval timber framed buildings with a brick outer skin, and hopefully after John’s talk, you will be able to work this out for yourself next time you go wandering around Lavenham or other medieval towns.
We hope to see friends new and old at what should be another superb LWHS historical presentation.

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