Lady Alice De Bryene of Acton

LWHS are delighted to advise that we have just booked our favourite speaker, Pip Wright, to talk to us next June with a brand new presentation – Lady Alice de Breyne of Acton – we can’t wait.

Between October 1412 & September 1413, Lady Alice, who was a Suffolk Noblewoman, maintained a record of all food & drink consumed in her significant medieval household more than seven hundred years ago – how cool is this.

As a widow and owner of several large estates, she enjoyed greater status and influence than most married women of her time, which allowed her a remarkable degree of social and financial independence, as seen through the household account book and other records. Somehow this book survived, and Pip will talk us through the records and enthral us with his piercing insight to this far away time – its going to be brilliant.


2 Responses to “Lady Alice De Bryene of Acton”


    HI, Just seen this,I know you mentioned the different spellings of Lady Alice’s Name but not actually seen it spelt “Breyne”isn’t it “Bryene”?


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