HLF Project Update

Our project continues to make great progress, with a huge amount of work completed; however, anyone who would like to be involved in this exciting community venture is very much more than welcome to join the merry band of volunteers.

Progress to date includes:

  • Completion of most of the underlying research into historical village records and collection of old photographs, documents and maps etc;
  • Completion of 19 digitally recorded interviews, with 14 fully transcribed;
  • Further attendance at relevant training workshops staged by our HLF partner university UEA, for whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude;
  • Continuation of book chapter drafting; with the inclusion of photographs, we have nearly 100 pages of our book documented to date;
  • Our editor in chief (actually just one person) has also been active, and five chapters have been through his sticky fingers; roughly 85 pages, which hopefully require little more work.

There is of course much still to do, with at least two further chapters to be fully researched and drafted, one of which is likely to be the largest in the book. We also have to garner as many nuggets from our interview transcripts as possible for placing in the book, to add genuine local recollections and interest; however, another large chapter is most of the way through drafting as this update is typed, which is encouraging.

LWHS continues to look for other sources of information, and are grateful to the many residents who have already provided photographs and other memorabilia from their own family archives.

Should any reader have anything that might be of interest (documents, maps, photos etc) or artefacts pertaining to Little Waldingfield or its residents over the past 200 years, LWHS would love to borrow them for our research; all such documents would be copied carefully and returned promptly.

Our work is naturally winding down over the festive season, but will pick up soon after the celebrations end, in which vein it just remains to wish all readers a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Xmas TreeXmas Tree


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