HLF Project Update

Our project continues making significant progress, with a huge amount of work completed. Our aim is to print our updated history of Little Waldingfield before the commemoration of the start of the First World War; hopefully we will achieve this.

Progress to date includes:

  • Effective completion of the underlying historical research into old village records, documents, photographs and maps etc.
  • Completion of 19 digitally recorded interviews, with 14 fully transcribed.
  • Transcription of a further 4 village memories we have collected via other means.
  • Continuation of book chapter drafting; with the inclusion of photographs, we now have nearly 400 pages of the book documented. This will of course be subject to further editing, as we must ensure consistency throughout the book, whilst we also hope to keep to within about 380 pages (inclusive of plenty of colour photographs).
  • Our editor has also been active, and 24 sections of the book have been through his hands; once all sections have been edited to his satisfaction, we then need to sit down as a group and finalise what, where and whether further editing is required.
  • We have finalised our choice of printer, book specification (binding, cover, paper, physical size etc) and pricing, covering a range of page numbers and copies.
  • We have also obtained most of the copyright permissions required for publication of the photos we wish to include, and are awaiting the remainder.
  • Work is well underway on drafting the remaining book sections.
  • Lastly, we need to work through all of the interview transcripts, to include as much of the social history garnered as possible whilst avoiding duplication; our aim is for these to be both interesting and of use to future historians and readers generally.

Should any reader have any historical artefact or record that could be of interest to this wonderful project, including particularly documents, maps or photos pertaining to Little Waldingfield or its residents over the past 200 years, LWHS would very much like to borrow them for our research. All such documents would of course be copied most carefully and promptly returned.


2 Responses to “HLF Project Update”

  1. A parkinson Says:

    Hi i dont know if its of any use to you but I have found an old photo album showing many early people and buildings around little Waldingfield ie the steeds, rev Leslie jolly, e.h green, winnie green, the buckle family, starf at the old school the pub the church, the high st etc, kind regards Adrian

    • The History Society is always interested in old material connected to villagers or to the village, so hopefully we can meet up and take a look.

      Many thanks

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