Village Sign Photo Required

As everyone in Little Waldingfield probably now knows, our lovely village sign is no more, having been demolished by an errant car driver earlier this week on Monday afternoon. Thankfully no one was injured, though substantial reconstruction is now required after the remains of the post, the brick / flint plinth, the supporting steelwork and the concrete foundation have all been removed – no mean feat itself.

The only significant issue before rebuilding can commence, apart from the insurance claim of course, is that a template of the original is required from which a new plinth can be created – does anyone have a photo we can work from?

All photos gratefully received, no matter their condition – please reply to this post or deliver in person to School House, Church Road, Little Waldingfield.

With many thanks in advance.

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One Response to “Village Sign Photo Required”

  1. Ken Bixby Says:


    We enjoy receiving updates on Little Waldingfield and were sorry to hear about the sign being demolished. I am not sure which sign is being referred to and you probably have received lots of pictures, but just in case I will enclose the below photograph. I have also included a watercolor that Nelia did of Little Waldingfield for the Bixby children’s book that is now printed. If you would like higher resolution pictures, let us know.

    Looking forward to receiving the history update.

    Ken & Nelia Bixby

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