6 Responses to “Little Waldingfield Suffolk, Our Village History From 1840 to 2014”

  1. Brian Smith Says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thank you very much for the latest update on the production of the History of Little Waldingfield. I would like to reserve a copy of the Limited Edition Hardback with Dust Jacket at £30. My details are as follows:

    Brian Smith 134 First Avenue Gillingham, Kent. ME7 2LQ.

    I hope to be able to attend the book launch, so I may be able to collect the book at that time if I can make it to Suffolk.

    With all best wishes,


    • Thank you Brian.

      We have have added your name to the advance order book; quite amazingly we are already getting near the original limit pencilled in for the number of hard copies, so trustees may have to revisit the balance between the two. This then poses an interesting question for trustees – less books overall but a higher individual selling price – just what is the most revenue generating mix (because every penny rec’d will go to the church restoration fund)? That said, even if we do increase the number of hardback copies, the overwhelming volume will lie with the paperback.

      We’ll be in touch when the book is available for purchase .. Andy

  2. Put me down for a hardback.


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Lesley Wood Says:

    I look forward to receiving one for Christmas!

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