HLF All Our Stories Project

We were awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in 2012 to research the history of our village and its people, from the early 1800’s to date, and to publish a book documenting our researches. After very considerable effort by our small band of trustees and helpers, we have now completed this exciting project and accomplished the following:

  • Widely advertised our project to ensure appropriate access to relevant people and to historical material;
  • Recruited volunteers to assist with the underlying research;
  • Put on training sessions for our helpers and sent trustees on training workshops from our HLF partner university (UEA) to ensure that we had the necessary skills to:
    • Conduct research;
    • Read and interpret maps;
    • Manage interviews; and
    • Professionally draft chapters for our book;
  • Conducted and then transcribed twenty recorded (and very detailed) interviews;
  • Reviewed and edited five further written memories sent to us following our advertising;
  • Completed our research of the Little Waldingfield records held at the Bury and Ipswich Records Offices;
  • Completed our research of all village records and photographs held by the Little Waldingfield Local History Recorder;
  • Reviewed, checked and pulled together all other documents and photographs we somehow acquired along the way;
  • Wrote fourteen book chapters and a supplement (to bring it completely up to date);
  • Successfully printed and launched our book in October 2014; and
  • Commenced selling copies of our book, which process is proceeding most satisfactorily.

We continue to be on the look out for new records, so if any reader has old records (documents, maps, photo etc) or artefacts pertaining to Little Waldingfield or its residents during the past 200 years (or even before!), we would very much like to borrow them for our continuing research. We are happy to come and see you, and if you are trust us, borrow material for later copying and return.

Should you have material that you think might be of assistance to us, or wish to purchase a copy of our book (priced at £18.00 when collected, £21.00 if posted – all proceeds go towards preserving St Lawrence Church in Little Waldingfield) please contact any of the following:

  • Andy Sheppard via sheppard-andy@sky.com
  • Sue Sheppard on 01787 247980 or
  • Diana Langford on 01787 248298)

Many thanks.

HLF logoThe finished products


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